sexta-feira, fevereiro 19

Pelos corredores, entre estantes

É sempre bom (e saudável) rever o Jansenista: os Sopranos, Proust e une madeleine, isto anda tudo ligado.
Como uma madalena proustiana: Un Petit Coquelicot (por Mouloudji)

The Sopranos, Season 2, Episode 10

Tony: “All this from a slice of gabagool?” Dr. Melfi: “Kind of like Proust’s madeleines.” Tony: “What? Who?” Dr. Melfi: “Marcel Proust. Wrote a seven-volume classic, Remembrance of Things Past. He took a bite of madeleine — a kind of tea cookie he used to have when he was a child — and that one bite unleashed a tide of memories of his childhood and, ultimately, his entire life.” The Way the Cookie Crumbles How much did Proust know about madeleines?


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Obrigado pela referência. De facto, tudo está ligado...

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